Judge Orders Nativity Case DISMISSED!

Judge Orders Nativity Case DISMISSED!

As we predicted, United States District Court Judge Audrey B. Collins has dismissed the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes case. Her order arrived moments ago. Additionally, Judge Collins has vacated the hearing that was set for next Monday to allow oral argument.

An appeal appears all but certain.

Judge Collins' decision essentially states that a city can claim any pretextual basis for suppressing religious speech in a traditional public forum (parks, streets, sidewalks) and get away with it even at the pleading stage of a lawsuit (before the case is decided on the merits). This decision is a Christmas present to atheists, anti-Christian hate-mongers and destroyers of First Amendment freedom in this country. It will stand as a historical testament to the judiciary's disinterest in protecting our civil liberties, liberties granted to some and denied others.

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