In the News: The Coppedge Decision

In the News: The Coppedge Decision

The press loves to beat up on intelligent design, so it is no surprise that Judge Hiroshige's tentative decision in David Coppedge's case favoring Jet Propulsion Laboratory is receving wide attention in the UK Daily Mail, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, and elsewhere. And as usual, their distillation of the facts leaves an untold and uneven story.

Note that the reports state that David Coppedge is an evangelical Christian. Note also that they state that JPL contended David was stubborn and combative. Does it seem puzzling that an avowed evangelical Chrstian was demoted and fired because he was stubborn and combative? Quite obviously, there's more to the story. In fact, there's so much to it, it took five weeks to try the case.

My commentaries on the case will follow the final decision, which will not arrive for at least 60 days. Keep checking back for the rest of the story. In the meantime, The Discovery Institute has posted a fair treatment on its Evolution News & Views site.

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