My Washington Times Op-Ed Piece on the Nativity Case

My Washington Times Op-Ed Piece on the Nativity Case

My op-ed piece appears in today's print edition of the Washington Times newspaper:

In Santa Monica, Calif., city leaders earlier this year pulled the plug on a 59-year-old community celebration of the Christmas story — the birth of Jesus — in tourist-friendly Palisades Park. The city that for decades billed itself as “The City of the Christmas Story” banished the yuletide tradition after a mischievous band of atheist activists last year secured the bulk of display permits in order to spread their tidings of scorn for the Nativity displays.

Agreeing with the city, a federal judge last week tossed out a lawsuit challenging the new ban. Such is the state of Christmas present.

In Christmas past, Nativity scenes celebrating Christ’s birth at Christmastime enjoyed a long and universal life. But it is a tradition that offends the new world order. As one council member said in explaining the city’s decision to ban the displays, times change. Bah, humbug, say these critics. Let Christians promote their superstition on private property. Public parks belong to the people. Is this to be Christmas future? Read more: Becker: Atheists Grinch Game In Santa Monica.


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