In the News: The Nativity Case

In the News: The Nativity Case

The LA Times did yet another story today on the Nativity decision, reporting that my client found an alternative location on private property. Here an excerpt:

William J. Becker Jr., an attorney for the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee — who has compared the campaign against the nativity displays to Pontius Pilates' judgment against Jesus, — lashed out at the decision anew Monday and pledged to appeal.

"Judges are fallible," Becker said. "They are often motivated by their own ideological dispositions, whether they want to admit it or not."

The move to private land is "not a resolution," Becker said.

"Everybody has the right to use private property to express themselves," he said. "It's still no substitute for 1st Amendment protections that we are guaranteed to express our viewpoints in a public forum."

KABC features me in a report that aired last night (12/3/2012).

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