Doonesbury on Nativity Scene Controversy

Doonesbury on Nativity Scene Controversy

Gary Trudeau decided to use his Doonesbury comic strip to mock Christians over the Christmas holiday by summarizing the leftist and atheist position against the display of Nativity scenes on public property. I stopped reading the comic strip a long time ago, realizing I no longer found it to be funny. It is a strip that appeals to college kids coming of age, who haven't yet experienced life well enough to see the comic strip's simple-minded approach to the culture, religion and politics; the same kids who think Richard Brautigan, Jack Kerouac and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., are erudite. It also appeals to slow-thinking people on the left. But as I was flipping through the Calendar section of the L.A. Times, it caught my eye. Not only was it addressing the Nativity scene issue, but it seemed to be focused on the Santa Monica case in particular.

The series of comic strips, which ran from December 24-29, propagandizes the view that because Nativity scenes can be displayed on private property, they have no place on public property. One would expect Trudeau, who publishes his opinions without government censorship, to be against government censorship and supportive of the First Amendment. But when it comes to Christmas -- and Christianity -- Trudeau reveals his Marxist stripes.

Trudeau's addled position really means that Christians should not be allowed to enjoy the same First Amendment rights that everyone else enjoys -- the right of expression in a traditional public forum, such as a public park.

Trudeau is a wealthy capitalist who draws cartoons mocking capitalism, conservatism, Christianity and traditional values. A hypocrite of the highest order.

And, yes, Trudeau is a Christian bigot, a hate-monger, with a big cultural megaphone.

I can say these things because my opinion is protected under the First Amendment, just as Trudeau's disrespect for Christians during the Christmas season is protected speech, and just as celebrating the birth of Jesus in a public forum is protected speech.

Being a bigot, a hypocrite, an enemy of the First Amendment, a Marxist and an immature intellectual may get a few laughs at the expense of sincere people of the Christian faith and make Trudeau a wealthy man, but it won't have a lasting effect. After all, who reads Doonesbury anymore?


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