About Freedom X

Mr. Becker (left) with culture
warrior Dr. James Dobson (right)

Freedom X is the successor to The Becker Law Firm, and it continues to carry out the firm's mission of protecting the expressive rights of Christians and conservatives. If you have been discriminated against or experienced persecution, come to Freedom X to find a champion for your cause. Freedom X works to ensure that its clients' rights and the freedoms guaranteed to us under the Constitution are protected. The mission of Freedom X is to stand as a bulwark against the encroachment of tyranny and fascism and to help to keep the United States free for everyone who believes in its Christian heritage and time-tested moral values.

Board of Directors

William J. Becker, Jr.
President / CEO / General Counsel

“Think not that I came to send peace on the earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law” Matthew 10:34-35

"Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I have come to divide people against each other! From now on families will be split apart, three in favor of me, and two against—or two in favor and three against." Luke 12:51-52.

Bill Becker is an unapologetic "warrior for Christ." Always a Christian but not always a warrior, Bill saw the culture shifting from its moral base--the "Judeo-Christian ethic"--with little resistance from right-thinking moral Americans. From 1976 to 1984, Bill was a print and broadcast journalist anchoring and reporting for the local NBC-TV affiliate in Las Vegas, writing for Gaming Business Magazine and Variety and reporting for newspapers in Georgia and Las Vegas. Earning both Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Communication Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he toiled as a journalist for several years before deciding to go to law school.

Bill earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1986 and for 20 years labored unsatisfied in a civil litigation practice. Then in 2004, Bill experienced an awakening in his life and was "born again" (John:3). Asked by his church pastor to conduct a Bible study class explaining why the County of Los Angeles redesigned its government seal to remove a tiny image of a cross,

Mr. Becker (second from left) with
free speech freedom fighters
(from left to right) David Horowitz,
Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer.

Bill began to look into the matter. Having no practical background in litigating constitutional law issues, Bill was introduced to Dr. John C. Eastman, one of the nation's top constitutional scholars and founding Director of the Claremont Institute's Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and Manual Klausner, a co-founder of the libertarian Reason Foundation. Rather than conduct a Bible class, Bill recruited Eastman and Klausner to join him in suing the County to restore the cross. Although their effort failed, it inspired Bill to commit his practice to vindicating the rights of Christians and conservatives.

Bill is admitted to practice before numerous federal district and appellate courts, the United States Supreme Court and all courts in California and Colorado, but will appear pro hac vice anywhere in the country to defend our First Amendment freedoms. Bill lives in a predominantly liberal neighborhood in West Los Angeles with his wife Gigi and black Labrador Retriever Jessie.


Paul Austin Hoffman

Paul Hoffman is a name partner in the Orange County, California, law firm of Greenwald & Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman has practiced law since 1990 in California, primarily in litigation and appeals involving business and commercial disputes, corporations, real estate, probate, unfair competition, trademarks, copyrights, employment, unlawful detainer, insurance coverage, and constitutional law.

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Michael Finch

Michael Finch is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles and headed by author David Horowitz. Before joining the Center in 2002, Michael was Vice President of the Claremont Institute for 6 years in Claremont, California.

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http://freedomxlaw.scorpionlocal.com/images/Joe-Peterson-Rsz.jpgJoe Peterson

Joe Peterson is a construction project manager in Los Angeles, California, with more than 30 years of experience. Joe has been active in both educating others about current unconstitutional attacks upon our personal freedom of expression in the public arena and combating them in court. He has been a council member of his church for many years and is also active in building several schools and churches in west Africa.

http://freedomxlaw.scorpionlocal.com/images/Gigilake_rsz.jpg Georgeann (Gigi) Becker
Chief Financial Officer

Gigi Becker is a travel consultant with more than 30 years of travel management experience specializing in corporate travel management. She is president of Empyrean Travel, which she launched in 2006. Gigi has served as a board member and volunteer of Young Life, an organization that brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of adolescents. Gigi is married to Freedom X president and CEO, Bill Becker. They live in West Los Angeles with their black lab, Jessie.


Allison Arabian

Allison Arabian is a partner in the Los Angeles office of the nationwide law firm, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP. Ms. Arabian attended the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where she received her J.D. in 1990. She served as the senior note editor for the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly and was a member of the Hastings Law Journal. Ms. Arabian served as a judicial extern to California Supreme Court Justice Joyce L. Kennard and received the American Jurisprudence Award in Criminal and Constitutional Law.

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